Back in 2003, KTM chose a partnership with a Swiss chemical company by the name of Motorex

The goal!? To create high-tech lubricants/maintenance products for competitive circuits – and based upon the decades of success, 2023’s continuation of that partnership calls not just for celebration, but for an extension of that contract. 

“Motorex will continue to be our premium lubricant for every motorcycle that rolls out of our factory and will be present in a great many of our immensely successful race teams,” comments Hubert Trunkenpolz (a member of the Executive Board at KTM AG) in a recent press release from Motorex. 

“We’ve come two decades together and we hope for more.”

“Even after nearly 120 world championships involving countless hours of nervous anticipation, nail-biting and finger-crossing at the race track, our collaboration has lost none of its allure,” adds Edi Fischer and Ronald Kabella, the CEO and Director of Powersports at MOTOREX AG. 

“Both partners are thoroughly convinced that the partnership between KTM and MOTOREX will deliver more interesting results in the future too. And we’re proud to play our part in the continuing success story of the KTM GROUP going forward.”

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