How To Install

In general there are a few key things to keep in mind when you're applying graphics. 

Check out our video tutorials and some general helpful tips to help you customize your ride.


Step-by-step Tutorial - KTM 790 ADV Full Kit


Installing Headlight Film


How to Install KTM 1290 Super Duke GT Graphic Kit


Full Graphics Install for the KTM Super Duke GT


Vortex Graphics Install for the 2020 KTM 1290 Super Duke R 

Application and mounting graphics

General Instructions: 

1. Mount in a dry and warm room, preferably indoors and at room temperature.
Always properly clean the surface before applying. This means not just dust, gravel and dirt but also any and all chemicals, fancy-pantsy polish, after shine or anything else that will basically render the adhesive worthless. Take those things away. Use alchohol if needed.

2. Secondly, use patience. Most graphic kits are fairly easy to apply but will need to be pre-fitted using excellent pair of eyes or for us mortals, bits of tape. Tape everything in place, get a nice overview of the placement, alignments and fitting. Pay extra attention to parts that need to align up with other parts and make sure margins are equal around the parts.

Remember - you are not wrapping, you are applying pre-cut graphics so always center the parts first so the margins and space looks good around your decal.

3. Thirdly, applying the graphics by removing the backing paper. Some people rip it off hastily like a band-aid, others peel of a small piece, cut it off and start from there - both ways work, just be patient when applying.

4. Forth, fifth and onwards: Here it basically comes down to which technique you feel most comfortable with. We recommend a dry-mounting procedure on most graphics and to carefully use heat assistance (in the form of a hair dryer or heat-gun but used carefully) to warm up tricky places and with pressure form over parts like curves, angles and edges. be careful not to overheat though.

Some people prefer wet-mounting but it can be tricky to get the balance of water and soap correct and more importantly, if you do not use a squeegee and get ALL water out from underneath this can and will affect how the graphics stick/adhere.

Lastly though, and something a lot of people skip out on - let the mounted graphics rest. We recommend 24 hours before taking it out and having a go!


Visual guides

Here are some diagrams of the graphic parts for our most popular bike models:

790/890 Duke

700 Teneré

950/990 ADV

125/390 Duke


1290 ADV 2017-2020