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Does MotoGP need to take lessons from F1 once again, albeit improved upon?

We saw an absolutely farcical penalty for Pecco Bagnaia at Jerez, penalised for making a move on Jack Miller and making contact. No harm, no foul. Miller was momentarily upset, and Bagnaia offered his apologies. All good.
Except for the fact it wasn't all good. Bagnaia broke away from Miller and was giving chase to leader Brad Binder when his progress was brought to a screeching halt, being made to drop one position, which put him back behind Miller and restarted his charge at winning.
F1 have mostly adopted a rule of penalising after the race, and this is where MotoGP could be even better.
First off, the bad. Penalising afterwards could of course ruin a podium celebration if punished, but that is irrelevant if you've broken rules.
There is a way around this however, what should be done now is to penalise after the race, and then allow appeals etc. If unsuccessful, your penalty then carries over to the next race. If successfully appealed, no change.
The big point though, it should be an INDEPENDENT panel containing one member of the stewarding commission, one rider of the rider field's choosing (I'd nominate Aleix Espargaro) and one member of IRTA for fairness.
This would stop both the utterly ridiculous penalties, and ensure everyone gets a real shot at being treated equally.
There's no one real solution of course but this seems to be the closest to the best.