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Aerodynamic issues in MotoGP

Dorna and manufacturers in talks about aerodynamics.
Aerodynamics are a regular part of the MotoGP since 2018. There are many complains about the aerodynamics in 2022, from riders, teams and apparently also sponsors.
Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta was part of a round table during the Marca Sport Weekend. Ezpleta told that there are ongoing talks with manufacturers and Dorna about the change of the aerodynamics in the future.
"Now we have stability as far as the regulation is concerned from 2022 till 2026. Theoretically, changes wont be made if not for safety purposes or because all parties agree. We're aiming to reduce performance starting 2027 and 60% sustainable gasoline will be used in 2024.
"We're pushing to talk with the teams about "the wing" issue. It´s difficult to increase overtaking. We've never had this problem. There are various factors. The safety and financial sustainability of the championship. How many teams were there that then disappeared ? Now private teams can race sustainably."