Fully Custom Bike Graphics

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  • €250

If other than gloss laminate finish please check here - please note that this is just a preliminary and prices might vary.
If there's anything extra you want to add, take away or place special focus on, let us know!

Want something unique for your bike? MotoProWorks offers a custom design service in various steps, from picking a base graphic and modifying it to your needs to creating a stunning one-of-a-kind custom graphics just for you.

 ATTENTION: Prices reflect a standard motocross/enduro or supermoto model. Larger sized bikes will not reflect this price chart and must be contacted and approved beforehand.


1. Pick your custom option below - choose between a semi- fully custom kit and UNIQUE.
(Semi-custom means you choose from one of our many graphic designs in the shop and you modify this to your hearts desire. Change color, name, number, add or remove logos or even combine graphics to create your own design!

Going fully custom means we create your design from scratch. This is the option when you have a clear vision and want something truly unique. You can of course combine your design elements with our current graphics as well but the main difference between the two kits is that in the fully custom kits we create custom graphics for you and your ride.

UNIQUE is the option if you REALLY do not want anyone else to have your graphics. This can NOT include any MPW or associated parties graphics however but only your own or those graphics created specifically for you.)

2. Pick your bike models and year. If the bike is missing from our roosters, contact us and let us know - odds are we can add it!

3. Specify all your design requests. Be as specific as you can and also inform us if there are any variations to the plastics (like 3rd party plastics and such).

4. Make your final pick in finish - glossy or matte laminate or other special treatments available. Please note, price may vary and any special finish must be checked and paid separately before being processed.

5. ATTENTION: If you want your kit to never be sold in any modified state, you MUST click the UNIQUE feature option.