Get to know the premium materials available for you bike and graphics from Motoproworks

Premium Glossy Finish

High-quality and durable vinyl and protective overlaminate giving your ride a shine and protection at the same time. We only utilize well-known and proven suppliers for all our materials.

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Flake and glitter finish

Looking for something extra? The glitter laminate finish offered from Motoproworks literally adds sparks to your kit with small metallic flakes injected in the substrate. Available in two different finishes, gold and cosmic shift.

Premium Matte

Much like our premium glossy finish, the matte version gives extra protection but with difference that it eliminates glares and reflections giving the overal finish more depth, and according to some a more sinister look.

Picture of Holo/Silver Chrome base with Glitter laminate - Motoproworks Bike Graphic Kits


When you really want to stand out, the Holographic vinyl is a true chrome and holographic experience with colors bouncing in multiple color spectrums. Can be combined with all lamiantes like the glitter and even matte to create a more pearl-finish.

Silver Chrome

Ultra glossy chrome vinyl giving with reinforced adhesive suitable for bikes and plastic mounting. Our chrome vinyl offers a very shiny option although more in-line than the holographic version due to its single color spectrum.

KTM 790/890 Adventure R/S Premium Headlight tinted film - MotoProWorks | Decals and Bike Graphic kit

Headlight Tint

We offer multiple color options for our premium headlight tints. Available as both pre-cut shapes and square standards the tint is wet mounted and allows light to travel through - it should be noted however that it might not be legal for road use in all countries.

Name and Flag Decals

Our popular RiderTags collaboration continues and you can easily customize name and flag icons for a practical and race-friendly sticker.