The KTM SX is a line of motocross bikes that ranges from the 50 SX to the 450 SX-F. All models feature a powerful engine, agile handling, and quality components.

The 50 SX is designed for kids aged four to ten years old, while the 450 SX-F is intended for more experienced riders.

450 SX-F Factory Edition

KTM 450 SF-X 2018 - Present

For model year 2018, the KTM 450 SX-F sets a clear benchmark in the higher capacity 450cc segment with a weight reduction that targets improved performance. The KTM 250 SX-F and KTM 350 SX-F models feature a newly designed DS clutch. The new 4-stroke models boast revised transmissions and a state-of-the-art Keihin engine management system with a reworked throttle body and improved electronics.

KTM 450 SX-F

KTM 450 SX-F 2017 - 2018

The KTM 450 SX-F is one of the potent and lithest 450 engines on the market. It is extremely compact, with strong performance and low weight. The latest electronic fuel injection and engine management technology mean that this engine is always ready to perform at its best, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their riding experience. It produces an incredible 62 hp.

KTM 350 SX-F 2017

KTM 350 SX-F 2017 - Present

The 350 SX-F is powered by a small, lightweight (27.2 kg) engine. Its DOHC nature with lightweight titanium valves and DLC-coated finger followers, produces excellent but intense engine characteristics. It boasts a wide speed range, high performance and an extremely efficient rideability owing to its state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection system and electric starter.The 350 SX-F engine is identical to the one in the 250 SX-F, with a light and nimble handling similar to that of a 250 due to reduced moving masses.

KTM 250 SX 2017

KTM 250 SX-F 2017 - Present

The 250 SX-F is outfitted with a unique electric starter as standard, which is a significant advantage when the going gets tough.

When the going gets tough and you need a quick start, this bad boy will fire up your start time and time again at the push of a button. So you can stay focused on what's important - the race!

KTM 250 SX-F 2017

KTM 250 SX 2017 - Present

The KTM 250 SX has the most powerful 2-stroke engine in its class, with a new architecture that includes a shaft arrangement for better mass centralization, a new cylinder with twin-valve controlled power valve, a new counter balance shaft for less engine vibrations, a 5-speed transmission and a hydraulically operated DDS clutch. This bike is ready to dominate the competition.

KTM 150 SX

KTM 150 SX 2017 - Present

All KTM 2-stroke models come with new MIKUNI TMX carburetors as of model year 2017, replacing the Keihin products. These 38mm flat slide carburetors are designed to provide smooth and controllable power all the way up to the limiter, and are less sensitive to different altitudes and temperatures, so you can pin it wherever, whenever.

KTM 125 SX

KTM 125 SX 2017 - Present

The KTM 125 SX is the most powerful and competitive engine in its class, thanks to its outstanding power-to-weight ratio, low costs and simplicity. This 125cm3 engine has been developed with the latest KTM engineering know-how and technology and powerful 2-stroke technology


KTM 65 SX 2017 - Present

The 65 SX is a powerful and agile sports bike designed for young riders aged 8 to 12 years old, with a maximum height of 1.60m. This year's model features WP AER 35 front forks, cool graphics, and numerous detail improvements that make it the best in its class in terms of power, riding dynamics, and craftsmanship. Whether you're hitting the motocross track or just prqcticing, the 65 SX is sure to impress.


KTM 50 SX 2017 - Present

The 50 SX is for kids aged four to ten years old, up to a body height of 1.30m tall. The 50 SX is a genuine motorbike that, like its bigger siblings, is created with high-quality components that make it the ideal choice as a first dirt bike.

KTM 65 SX 2006

KTM 65 SX 2006 - Present

KTM's 65 SX model is a great choice for kids who want a simple, easy-to-use bike. Its 65 cc two-stroke engine provides plenty of power and torque, making it easy to ride. Thanks to its PCEV exhaust control system, the bike runs smoothly and efficiently. Plus, its design is relatively straightforward, so kids can focus on having fun without worrying about all the bells and whistles that come with adult bikes.

Photographer: Rudi Schedl

Photographer: Mitterbauer

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