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Changes to how MotoGP™ riders enter Q2 approved!

Effective from the British GP, getting into Q2 all comes down to Friday afternoon as the first session of the weekend becomes FREE practice!

Fridays in MotoGP™ are changing! After unanimous agreement between the MotoGP™ Class Teams, the Grand Prix Commission has approved a proposal to change the sessions timed for entry into Qualifying 2… and now, it all comes down to Friday afternoon!

The first premier class practice session of a Grand Prix weekend will no longer be timed for qualifying/entry into Qualifying 2, so it’s now called Free Practice 1 and is just that – a completely free 45-minute session that riders, teams and factories can use to set up, dial in and anything else.

The second, 60-minute practice session on Friday afternoons will now be named Practice. It will be the sole practice session timed for entry into Q2… promising quite a spicy crescendo to the day! Come rain or shine or anything else, that one hour session is when riders need to set those fast laps to secure a place in the top ten and that crucial spot in Q2 qualifying.

Here’s the full rundown of the weekend for the MotoGP™ class from the Monster Energy British Grand Prix onwards:

• Friday
− Free Practice 1 (FP1): 45 mins
− Practice (PR): 60 mins, timed for entry into Q2

• Saturday
− Free Practice 2 (FP2): 30 mins
− Qualifying 1 (Q1): 15 mins
− Qualifying 2 (Q2): 15 mins
− MotoGP™ Tissot Sprint (SPR)

• Sunday
− Warm Up (WUP): 10 mins
− Race (RACE)