KTM GRAPHIC KIT - "ProGO" (blue)

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If there's anything extra you want to add, take away or place special focus on, let us know!
Please specify your type so we know which parts you'd like.
We send out visual confirmations on all orders free of charge if requested.
MotoProWorks offers graphic-kits and decals for motocross, enduro, sport, adventure and Supermoto.
Pick your favorite design from hundreds of high quality kits or have us design your own! All our full graphic kits are printed on High-tac, high grade aggressive vinyl combined with glossy or matte laminate from leading manufacturers to ensure your ride looks great.

Production and printing is done 100% in-house with the latest technology including our flatbed cutter for maximum precision. MotoProWorks is officially licensed to print decals and graphic kits for the KTM and Husqvarna brands (KTM SportMotorcycle GmbH and Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH respectively.)
  • Types of graphics and parts
  • Delivery & Production time
  • Full-kit, semi-kit, number-kits...

NAME & NUMBER - It's up to you! We now offer 2 options for your graphic kits, the fast and speedy Ready-Made option when you want the kit without any modifications and have no name and number on the kit.

With the modified kit you can freely change name and/or number on the number plates and as always - we're not impossible so if there's some light modifications you'd like, just ask!

NOT YOUR BIKE/MODEL/YEAR? We're constantly adding models so please let us know what's missing and we will try to get that kit to fit your ride!

NEED SPECIFIC CHANGES? We're not impossible so if you have a specific request, like adding a logo or doing more color changes (or even mixing kit designs) contact us and let us know and we will try to help out!

CUSTOM GRAPHICS? Our Custom Graphic kits brings all the boys to the yard, but we do have to charge (so click here if you want a unique kit)

Delivery & Production Time: Please note that we create these kits per request due to the customization we offer if chosen can add to the production time.

Once we get your order we will design a mockup according to your instructions and once you approve the design we will start the production. Usual time is 2-3 weeks.

If you pick the Ready-Made options without manual approval production time can run as low as 3-5 days depending on production cues.

Full-kit set contains: Front fender, Front plate or Headlight mask, Fork (lower), Rad covers (left/right), Number plates (left/right), Tail fender, Swingarm (if available), Airfilter box (if available)

Semi-full kit contains: Front/Rear Fender, Lower Fork Guards, Front and Side Number Plates