Crew kit - Custom Bike Graphics

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  • €450

If there's anything extra you want to add, take away or place special focus on, let us know!

We all know it's way more fun to ride with friends than to ride alone and sometimes you want to show off that extra with some damn nice graphics! MPW Crew Kit is a very special item, and includes much more than just a discount!

The crew kit INCLUDES the following:

  • One custom design with your crew colors and logo for any chosen number of bikes below.
  • Above design will be converted at no extra cost to all bike models available in our store.
  • You can choose a base graphic from the store or have us create a new one free of charge!*
  • The crew kit is a complete full kit**


1. Look through our current bike models in store to verify all your crew bikes are available as models.

2. Pick a design base in the shop or contact us for fully custom options, the choice is yours as the crew kit involves professional design help from MPW.

3. Make sure all your logos and items are prepared - ALL logos must be vectorized. Any specific colors and color codes should be at hand as well is possible.

4. Write down in the Extra notes box all info you want, including all the bike models, years, names and numbers. We will of course verify everything with you before print!

NOTE: These are not the usual kits available in the shop since those can only be modified with your name and number. These are based on the custom graphic kits you modify by will.

x2 crew kit (€450, ord. price €500 - save 10%)
x3 crew kit (€635, ord. price €750 - save 15%)
x4 crew kit (€800, ord. price €1000 - save 20%)
x5 crew kit (€935, ord. price €1250 - save 25%)


*You are free to choose a base graphic from the store, however no current licensed graphics and/or logos may be sued without prior permission. For instance, you cannot take another crew or brand graphic and call it your own.

**Complete kits depend on what the specific bike model has available. Please make sure you see the graphic kits and template in store before ordering.