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*OUTLET!* – Husqvarna 701 (2015-2023) GRAPHIC KIT - "RR-Tech" (Yellow) - GLOSSY KIT

The yellow shade of the kit is the one matched with 701 model from 2018, but the kit fits for models 2015-2023.


We all f#&! up sometimes. In our line of work, a power outage, jammed printer, or plain old human error can leave us with a graphic kit that - while completely usable - doesn't quite meet our standards of quality. Instead of throwing those kits away, we're offering you a selection of them with a juicy discount.

This kit might not be perfect, but it's still very nice looking...and very lonely. If you're looking for a cheaper way to customize your ride, perhaps you'll give this kit a new home?


This product has failed our internal quality control for whatever reason, and may or may not have small blemishes, scratches, dust particles or other printing and production errors. The product may or may not have customizations such as number, name, etc. and is sold as-is with no refunds or returns accepted. You as the buyer understand that this heavily discounted product does not necessarily conform to our ordinary standards, and is not representative of our products.