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15% LAUNCH DISCOUNT - Custom clothing for you and your crew!

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For you and your crew

  Order your own custom tees & hoodies with a 15% LAUNCH DISCOUNT

We’re excited to offer you some top of the line clothing - featuring your own design.


Now you can make a statement with your own custom print on a premium quality hoodie or t-shirt. Design one for yourself, or why not go all out and outfit your whole crew with some exclusive threads?

We’re currently offering premium quality t-shirts and hoodies in a variety of colors, and we’re giving you the opportunity to fine-tune your look with our easy-to-use online editor.


Print your design

Design your garment of choice to fit your look perfectly.

Print it on the front, print it on the back or why not both?
One color or several - the choice is yours.


To celebrate the launch of our editor we’re giving you a 15% discount on your custom clothing order, during all of July of 2022. 

That all sounds great, but HOW you say? Well, the products are premium but the procedure actually quite basic. Here goes:

DO - upload your very own design, and tailor it to your satisfaction. Take your time! The tools provided allows you a wide range of options.

DON’T - upload copyrighted materials such as brands, logos and similar unless you have the explicit permission to do so.


Click here to access our customizable clothes! 


1. Choose your garment and color. 

2. Upload your custom design!

3. Adjust placement and size.

4. When you’re happy with the design - simply click ”Add to cart” and select how many you want of each size!

Shipping is calculated at checkout.


We’ll print and ship your order as soon as possible. Since we do all our printing ourselves in-house it takes a bit longer than grabbing a mass-produced rag from the shelf, but we promise it’s worth waiting for!

We're eager to print your stuff!

We’re happy to offer a LAUNCH DISCOUNT of 15% off of your custom shirt during all of July 2022.


Premium Custom T-shirt

Our exclusive double-stitched shirts come with a round neck as well as side stitches.


Premium Custom Zip Hoodie

Comfortable and rugged, our double layered hoodie has a sturdy zipper and metal-shod drawstring.