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World's fastest dirt bike?

The VARG has been developed with a clear purpose, to show that electric technology is superior to gasoline by outperforming all traditional motocross models available.

It's more powerful, it's lightweight and has significantly less motor-inertia than any of the gas bikes, providing you with better handling and an enhanced riding sensation.

Possibly the strongest adrenaline rush money can buy. And there's no noise, meaning you can ride almost anywhere, at any time.

The motor, vehicle control unit, inverter and battery have all been developed by a team of high power electronics specialists. They have collaborated with engineers, combining vast experience from the motocross & motorcycle industry in order to integrate the powertrain into a chassis that matches the groundbreaking power. The team has achieved this through a process focused on challenging the norm in order to innovate and improve function and performance. Several of those improvements are now patent pending.