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KTM Motorcycles

KTM is one of the most renowned motorcycle manufacturers in the world, with a rich history dating back to 1934. In those early days, KTM was known for producing rugged and reliable motorcycles that were perfect for exploring the Austrian mountains.

Today, KTM is still known for producing some of the most innovative and high-performance motorcycles on the market. Over the years, KTM has won numerous motocross and enduro championships, cementing their reputation as a racing powerhouse.

In recent years, KTM has also ventured into the world of electric motorcycles, and their cutting-edge technology has made them a leader in this rapidly growing market.

A brief history about KTM

KTM is a Austrian motorcycle company that was founded in 1934. KTM's first motorcycle was the R100, which was powered by a 100cc engine. KTM is best known for their off-road motorcycles, but they also produce street bikes and motocross bikes.

What does KTM stand for?

The name KTM stands for Kronreif, Trunkenpolz, Mattighofen. They started KTM in 1934 in Austria and started with only 3 employees.

Who was Kronreif, Trunkenpolz, Mattighofen?

Hans Trunkenpolz was an Austrian businessman and also the KTM's first managing director.

Ernst Kronreif was an Austrian engineer who was one of the founders of KTM and they started in the town of Mattighofen, Austria where KTM is still headquartered.

Early years of KTM

KTM started out as a metalworking shop that produced parts for other companies. In 1954, KTM began producing motorcycles under the name 'Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen'.

In 1969, KTM was acquired by US businessman Roger DeCoster and renamed 'KTM-DeCoster'. In 1981, KTM was taken over by Austrian bank BAWAG, and the company's name was changed back to 'Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen'.

KTM under Stefan Pierer

In 1992, KTM was taken over by Austrian entrepreneur Stefan Pierer. Pierer had previously worked for KTM as a sales manager. He renamed the company 'KTM Sportmotorcycles'.

Under Pierer's ownership, KTM has become one of the most successful motorcycle companies in the world. KTM is now the second largest European motorcycle manufacturer, after BMW.

The KTM logo

The KTM logo is a orange and black emblem that features a stylized 'KTM' lettering. The logo is inspired by the company's orange and black color scheme.


Meaning behind the KTM logo

The KTM logo represents the company's link to its racing heritage. The orange color is inspired by the company's off-road motorcycles, while the black color represents KTM's street bikes.

KTM's logo is a black and white stylized representation of a cross-country race.

Ready to Race

Ready to Race is KTM's official motto. It represents the company's commitment to racing and its products.

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