Multiple ID Sticker Sheet - "Mini Badges"

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Match your bike graphics and custom number/name with these sticker sheets. Sell them for support for the season, give them to sponsors, use them to keep your sticker game organized etc.

Sheets come in bulk: 5 pcs, 10 pcs or 20 pcs sheets and each sheet contains 13 pcs mini custom badges +1 bonus MPW sticker.

Create your own individual sticker sheet to match your bike! Match your graphic kit with these high quality vinyl sticker sheets in your colors, name and number.

Each sheet contains the following sizes:
10 x pieces mini badges - approx 55mm width*
2 x pieces medium badges: a
pprox 85mm width*
1 x pieces medium badges: approx 115mm width*

(*width, size and amount of plates are subject to change due to the nature of different original boards)


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